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About Us

TML has been “Connecting People with Technology” in Northern Virginia since 1985.

Our key strategic differentiator in the market is our responsiveness – responsiveness to service and support calls, responsiveness to supply orders, responsiveness to questions and applications on your technology equipment, responsiveness to correcting or addressing a billing or invoicing issue,

If you are looking for a customer-oriented, responsive office technology provider – call TML.

Our Attitude ... (Video - "Hear From Our Customers")

We have an attitude that once we earn your business, we will do everything possible to keep you as a customer for life. In fiscal year 2006 87% of our business was from current customer base. Our account managers are trained to approach prospective customers with the attitude "we are not going to close the deal, we are going to build a relationship."

Constant Contact and Follow-Up ...

We feel it is imperative to stay in touch with you to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase, to ensure you are comfortable operating your new equipment, and to ensure you are happy with our ongoing service and support. Because technology changes so quickly, we are constantly looking at new and innovative products that can assist our customers in making their operations more productive and cost efficient.

Service - Service - Service ... (Video - "Why TML")

We know that we must constantly provide the best service on the market. So, we continually invest in training, technology, and people and we never forget that service is the bottom line in our business. During fiscal year 2005 our service and support teams provided our customers with a 3.2 hour actual response time from a target of 4.0

Our Community ...

TML believes that contributing to our community is an important role for our organization. Being a good corporate neighbor means more than just financially contributing to our not-for-profit organizations, it also means lending our time, experience and expertise. Over 85% of TML's employee base are involved in our community organizations.

Our Environment ...

TML is concerned with our environment, and sells only products that are "green" when possible. This results in lower production of ozone, less power consumption, and sends a statement to manufacturers that TML and their customers will not buy products from a company that doesn't care about the planet we live on.

Financing Programs and Assistance with Term-End Negotiations ...

One of the most frustrating experiences you can go through is trying to exercise a "purchase option" at the end of a financing arrangement. TML has developed relationships with our lease companies over the years, relationships that allow us to step in and coordinate a fair purchase for you.


TML is a recipient of many awards including being named one of the country's Elite Dealers by OfficeDealer magazine in 2002/2003/2006.


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